I want to go to a restaurant with you.

Sit across the table from you,

tap my leg on the chair that you helped me in

and sneak a footsie with every sip of champagne.

I want to let you decide what my mouth must taste of later in the night,

I want you to remember the cherry on my teeth,

and I want to smell the smoke in the hollows of your breath.

Ask me to pass the salt to you and I’ll slide 

my fingers strategically beside your shivering fingers

just to feel your nervousness.

I want to wink slowly with each bite of creme 

and see your mouth pause for a little bit as you look at me.

Stop me while I speak 

with the tangyness in your lips

and I’ll wash it over with the chocolate you gifted me earlier in the evening.

Take me to a restaurant baby.

Today was the best Friday I’ve had in a while. I’m now in the third semester of Law School and I haven’t been more busy in my whole life. My routine suddenly screams of the most cliched nerd life - exams, research papers, presentations, zillion hours in the library, college nerdy clubs, law school mags and I’M DONE! I’ve been cribbing about how I would like one day to catch up to myself. It’s been exhausting honest to blog. 

Anyways, Today was good. Woke up after snoring for about 10 hours. So that’s 11 am. At 11:30 I end up with two beers in my hand and my laptop blaring Dylan because I’ve missed him so much. I turned on the fairy lights in my room and sat in a lowly dim lit room, with a beer and the music warmed the cold that I’ve been drowning myself in. Distance has been the genre of my life for the last three months. I like the winter and the cold and snuggling up to yourself and no one else. Today was so warm and I can’t describe the feeling.

The best thing about winter is when you wake up to a warm day in the cold months and you’ve never loved your skin more. 

Lakme Fashion Week 2014. 

I have never been a person attracted to the runway or so I thought. Now that I think back, Project Runway was one of my all-time-fave shows on TLC. I still watch it. I used to tune into FTV whenever I was bored  and I kept reading this one specific Portugal Model’s online journal all the time. I never kept up with her. I never kept up with anything to do with fabric and lights but somehow in the last 5 months things have changed. Just a tad bit. This time around, I’m taking it all in. 

Fuck just look. 

Okay these are the things that I am very proud of in the last 3 months:

1. Moved on from ex (that Irfan boy)

2. Started Instagram-poetry. 

3. Did well in Moot Court at college.

4. Finally got part time jobs. One was at a doughnut store. The other with an online magazine. The latter doesn’t pay yet. Sheesh. 

5. Studies. Nerd Mode: ON. 

6. Finally went for a local music scene and I have vowed to never miss out on local gigs. 

7. Sleepovers and midnight walks on the streets of Bangalore.

8. A lot of alcohol and a lot less mistakes recently.

9. I have a lot of clean underwear now. Mum is very thrilled.

10. I’ve gotten over my writer’s block.